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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Daisy Garden shown Before & After renovations

Sitting with a cup of coffee or glass of wine in the garden whilst enjoying a good book or simply taking in the fresh air is something we all love. Whether in the garden at our own home or on holiday, having time to relax outside is time to reflect and time to treasure.

If you have a holiday home, it’s important you can enjoy the garden when you visit for a getaway. It also makes your holiday more attractive when guests are choosing which property to book if you have a lovely outdoor space for them to relax in. Not only that, the garden is good for us. Spending time outside helps us sleep better at night and 15 minutes of natural sunlight a day is beneficial to your mental wellbeing. No wonder we feel so refreshed after a break!

If you have some outdoor space which is looking a little unloved, rather than spend your precious time working on it, why not let Happy Homes transform it for you. All you or your guests have to do then is enjoy spending time there.

We love working our magic on gardens and recently undertook a project to give this country style garden a new lease of life. After talking with the owner and establishing their thoughts on the space, we picked a white and yellow theme with daisies. This beautifully complimented the name of the cottage – Daisy! The theme also mirrored the style of the cottages in the historic town of Arundel in Sussex which is full of character and charm.

To begin our garden makeover we pulled out the overgrown and unflowering bulb foliage as this was cluttering up the borders. We also removed the overgrown lavender bush which had become very woody and overpowered the balance of the borders.

Then we tackled the weeds! There was some very troublesome bindweed in the garden, so we dug right down to remove every part of its white root ensuring it wouldn’t grow back easily. To prevent any weeds re-growing between bricks all the stone flags had weed killer applied to them.

So the garden was really bright and light, we jet washed the entire area and painted the fences with a 5 year protection paint in ‘country cream’ to tie into the daisy theme. We also installed a hose drip system connected to a water butt, a very environmentally friendly way to water the plants by reusing rain water.

We replanted all the borders, making sure we kept the pretty flowering bulbs already in the beds together with any self seeding plants which had found their way into the garden. The new plants in the borders added to the Sussex country style daisy theme ensuring the garden looked fabulous and in keeping with the local area.

You can see for yourself from the photos how the garden changed as a result of the Happy Homes makeover, to see more of our work and stay up to date with all the latest ideas, please follow our Facebook page. If you have some outdoor space which you would like transformed, please get in touch to find out how we could help you

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